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  1. Certification: 
    General Statement: MCX, Inc. is pleased to comply with several certification requirements.  If additional certifications are required, please mention them to your salesperson.

    • UL—We are certified for wiring harnesses in both the United States and Canada

    • ISO - MCX, Inc. was an early adopter of ISO 9001:2015  Our certification is good until September 29, 2022. View ISO Certification

    • ITAR - MCX, Inc has implemented several controls to ensure that we comply with all ITAR      requirements. Our current certification is good until June 2019 View ITAR Certification

    • HUBZone - MCX, Inc is proud to provide employment in our HUBZone area. Our certificate has been continuously active since May 22, 2009.


  2. Compliance:
    General Statement:  We understand the need for multiple compliance statements and the number of man-hours it takes to get these statements for each of your products.  We’ve attached blanket statements for several requirements and can create or adjust a statement to meet your specific needs. Please contact your salesperson for help and they will direct you to the correct person.